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How to Start Eating Insects

The world population is constantly increasing which is estimated to hit 9 billion people compared to today’s population of 7.8 billion people by 2050, this will stretch our agriculture sector to the brim and we might face food scarcity especially if we continue to over-rely on our main staple food namely vegetables, rice, beef, chickens or fish so looking for an alternative source of food that is healthy for human consumption is inevitable. It is the scarcity of agricultural land, clean water, forest, fisheries and biodiversity that should make you concerned to a foreseeable food shortage in the world hence it is important for looking a substitute especially the ones that have little impacts on our environment to promote sustainable development. In this article we briefly highlight some of the considerations you need to make whining starting to eat insects.

For your first time, you can consider ordering a freshly prepared insect food from a reliable restaurant, although ordering fresh insects from reputable insect suppliers is the best option you might find it difficult to prepare the life bugs and it might give you band experience, if you can someone else who is into insect foods make sure is around to give you courage and motivation.

The second step is to order live insects from reliable suppliers online, make sure you look for reputable insect suppliers because when you are eating insects you are eating what they have eaten unlike in the case of fish or plants, therefore you need to buy insects that have been farmed well before you start cooking the insects read bug for beginners cookbook or watch online tutorials on how to cook insects to see various ways they are cooked and do not be afraid to try as many as you can.

The next step after getting experience with interacting with live insects is to start farming them at your home, raising insect is cheap and easy, they take up a small space such as a box, they reproduce quickly, and managing them is not demanding as it would to farm chicken or fish. You, however, need to learn a little more about the particular insects you want to raise, this will help you in attending them this important because you may want to know how they breed, what they eat and what to do to keep their life cycle complete. Once you have all this knowledge start your insect farm and if you want to make money out of it you can expand and start supplying to other insect lovers or restaurants that supply insects.

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