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What You Need to Know About Child Custody

When people are seeking divorce, one of the things that worry most of them especially when there are issues or ‘children’ in legal terms is the one to remain with the children. This has been the major problem with the couples who are seeking divorce in the various courts of law, and has given the jury a hard time to determine the solution to the problem as well as arriving to a common solution. All in all, child custody is a win-lose situation or rather lawsuit where one parent is granted or rather obligated to live or rather stay with the children whereas the other parent is only obligated to have limited rights to see the children, may be once in a while. However, there are a lot of questions that are normally asked about by child custody especially by the couples even before they start the divorce lawsuit. Therefore, here are some of the things that you need to know about child custody.

One of the things that you need to understand is the rights of parents when it comes to the child custody. Basically, a lot of people ask themselves whether both parents have equal rights when it comes to the child custody. The fortunate thing is that both parents in a divorce lawsuit have equal rights towards their children. What happens is that one of the parties or rather one of the parents may be granted the custodial rights to live with the children whereas the other parent is provided with the rights or rather the freedom to see the kids, either by visiting or having the kids at their house, in a scheduled basis.

The other thing you need to know about the child custody is that there exists two types of child custody. These types are the physical custody and the legal custody. In the legal custody, the parents of the children in question during the divorce process are granted the chance to arrive to a common decision about the welfare of the children, the health of the children as well as the education of their kids. In this kind of child custody, the parents are required to give every detail of the activities that the children are involved in whether in school, church as well as in their normal lives. In most case, the custodian in this case is the one who is able to continue delivering all these activities to the kids when the two parents’ divorce.

In the physical child custody, the family and divorce courts determines the parent who will be having the kids even before they have the checks on their daily activities unlike in the legal custody. For instance, the jury may arrive at the decision of making one parent the custodian where he/she is expected to stay with the kinds for a certain period of time and have a visit to the other.

Lastly, the likeliness of getting the custody is the other frequent question and therefore there is need to have a firm understanding about it. In this, an important thing that you should have in mind is that the question on who is to be given the custodian role and who is not lies with the jury and it is always arrived bearing in mind the best things for the children. Therefore, the jury will rule towards what’s best for the children for the parents to be given the custodial role.

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